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iPhone Lebanon Website

Suddenly, in a matter of a year if not less, the iphone has conquered Lebanon. Wherever you are, there is someone carrying an iphone around. The iphone Lebanon is eating a largely Nokia dominated Lebanese market share little by little. People turning to iphone swear that they would never carry another phone after their conclusive experience with the model.

What’s particularly interesting in the phenomenon is that iphone Lebanon has no legal presence. The product is barely available if at all. The units are entered one by one in a ultra hungry market, and most of the units entered has already a buyer. Dealers and iphone sellers are not legal representatives of apple, and therefore iphone units are not even guaranteed. Still, because of the high reliability of apple products, no one ever has a problem. The operating system is just great, and the huge range of applications is so irresistible that for some time, a large number of people acquired locked units (that is units that were made to work only in the United States) and had to go through complicated procedures to keep their iphones working normally in Lebanon.

All these facts made us want to create a portal for iphone Lebanon.

Why an iphone Lebanon site?

Need an iphone in Lebanon? There are good and bad news:

The good news are:
– that at times you may find an iphone for a price similar to the iphone price in Europe, even though the product was not originally planned to be distributed in Lebanon.
– that the iphone can work normally without any particular problem in Lebanon

The bad news are:
– that most of the time, there is a shortage of units, which makes prices climb
– that you cannot have a warranty for any unit you buy, mainly because the iphone is entered to Lebanon by individuals or companies without any legal license.

Buying Process of an iphone in Lebanon:

If you want an iphone in Lebanon, you normally go to your cellular shop and ask for one (yes, unfortunately there are no apple stores in Lebanon). Most of the time, they will tell you that there is no one available, that it costs X, but that in 2 days to 2 weeks time, there will be one or that they can get you one. Most of the time, if not 2 weeks later, maximum 3 weeks later, you get your unit.

If the process is not that complicated, why create an iphone Lebanon website?
The objectives of iphone Lebanon website are:
– to create a community for iphone users in Lebanon where they can share their experiences, their tricks and their favorite applications: Every day, thousands of iphone apps are added to the iphone application library, and it is not always easy to find the best applications for iphone users.
– to create a portal where anyone can buy an iphone for much less than the price the iphone is sold or made available at the cellular stores.

Iphone Lebanon Prices:

Since the iphone has no official presence in Lebanon, there is no official price. Still, there is a price tendency that changes from week to week. As of this writing, the original brand new iphone 4G units have starting prices of 600$, while the original brand new iphone 4S units starting prices are 1200$.

Ipad Lebanon Prices:

Contrarily to the iphone, the ipad is licensed to be sold in Lebanon through Apple Center, and is globally distributed. Units are usually available and prices start at 600$, but everything depends on the model.

Iphone Lebanon website extensions:
Apart from iphone products, we will also be covering a wider range of apple products and accessories, including but not limited to apple ipad, macbooks, etc.
Iphone Lebanon website will also cover products directly related to apple iphone or ipad, that is products competing directly with iphone or ipad, in terms of features or in terms of applications.

Iphone Lebanon apps:

As you may know, the iphone wouldn’t have half its current success without the wide range of applications from games, to utilities to guidebooks available in the apple app store. Most of these applications are either free with some limitations or available for 1$. We will be featuring some applications, discussing the top applications of the moment to provide you with interesting apps that you may download, and we will also be discussing the tricks used by some persons to download whatever they want from app stores free of charge.

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Fore more information about iphone, check the official iphone website at Apple iphone.

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