The following Price List of iPad in Lebanon is exclusive to iPhone Lebanon website. It has been updated on April 5, 2013 and includes the delivery of the item to any place within Beirut. If you live outside Beirut and would like the item to be delivered to you, an additional charge may apply.

The Products listed below are all Apple original products, guaranteed to work. They are all in their original boxes, factory unlocked, and for the iPad 4G, since the 4G service is not yet available in Lebanon, they work with the 3G service available from Alfa and Touch. Apart from the guarantee that these product work, the following prices do not include an additional one year warranty.

To order, please send an email to or call 76-002283. When ordering, please specify if you want a white or black iPad, and if you want an iPad Cover.

The new iPad 4 is now available in Lebanon


Product Specs
Product Price
iPad 4 – 16GB Wifi
iPad 4 – 32GB Wifi
iPad 4 – 64GB Wifi
iPad 4 – 16GB 4G
iPad 4 – 32GB 4G
iPad 4 – 64GB 4G
iPad 4 – 128GB 4G

The iPad (Mini) is now available in Lebanon


Product Specs
Product Price
iPad Mini – 16GB Wifi
iPad Mini – 32GB Wifi
iPad Mini – 64GB Wifi
iPad Mini – 16GB 4G
iPad Mini – 32GB 4G
iPad Mini – 64GB 4G


Product Specs
Product Price
iPad 3 – 16GB wifi
iPad 3 – 32GB wifi
iPad 3 – 64GB wifi
iPad 3 – 16GB 4G
iPad 3 – 32GB 4G
iPad 3 – 64GB 4G


The iPad 2 is still available for those that need an older cheaper iPad, and if you are comparing Apple iPad with other tablets available on the market, compare the iPad 2 with the other products because it is the one with comparable features. iPad 2 is offered at the following prices in Lebanon through iPhone Lebanon Website.


Product Specs
Product Price
iPad 2 – 16GB wifi
iPad 2 – 32GB wifi
iPad 2 – 64GB wifi
iPad 2 – 16GB 3G
iPad 2 – 32GB 3G
iPad 2 – 64GB 3G

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You probably know that there are two sources of Apple iPad Products available in Lebanon, some are distributed through Apple Dealer in Lebanon (Interlinks) and some are distributed through various computer dealers in Lebanon. The above products are not those distributed by Interlinks, and this may be the reason why they are more than 25% cheaper. Still the Apple iPads listed above are the same as those distributed by the official dealer, only they do not come with the original Apple Warranty.

You can also order iPad Covers. Our prices are more than 50% lower than the market, and start at $30. Please note that all these prices are for delivery products through iPhone Lebanon website.