Contrarily to the iphone the presence of which has a lot of controversy in Lebanon, the ipad Lebanon exists officially.

iPad Lebanon

iPad Lebanon

ipad Lebanon Distribution:

The ipad is distributed in Lebanon through a network of dealers. It comes with a one year warranty, even though the warranty is most of the time not necessary, because like all Apple Products, the reliability of Apple ipad and the Apple Operating System is such that there are seldom any issues relating to quality or malfunction.

ipad Lebanon unofficial dealers:

Still, apart from the appointed dealers distribution, the market is full of units entered in Lebanon either by individuals or by companies not officially allowed to sell ipads in Lebanon. As stated above, the probability of these units suffering any malfunction is very little, but the price difference with the original ipads distributed through official dealers sometimes do not justify the purchase, especially that buying through the original resellers offers the advantage of being able to contact Apple for support concerning anything specific to the Apple Operating System or the Apple applications.

ipad Lebanon Prices:

ipad 2 current official prices range from 770 US Dollars for the APPLE IPAD 2 32GB WIFI up to 1045 US Dollars for the APPLE IPAD 2 64GB WIFI+3G with many distinct products in the middle. Of course, unofficial prices depend if the units are new or used, but normally for brand new units, they are around 10% cheaper and they come without Apple Support and Apple Warranty.

ipad Lebanon Trends:

Ever since its introduction to the world market, ipad has eaten some of the laptops market share, and a big deal of the netbook market share. The Lebanese market has followed the worldwide market, and the ipad has become today the businesspersons and the students alike favorite netbook. The future is quite promising for the ipad trend since many issues related to the original ipad functionality have been addressed, and in addition to all the benefits of the tablet, the huge range of apple apps are all ipad compatible.

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