Although many have been complaining that the new iPad’s lack of Flash will be a major issue; most of us realize Apple will be smart enough to create an app for that problem soon enough.

Understanding the device will help you realize the importance of this revolutionary new device and the information in this article will help you to understand the value the iPad will bring to us all. The following are four reasons why you should get your own iPad:

1. Dual Screen Set Up is The Perfect Second Screen:
Many are not yet aware of the iPads dual screen set up but once they have tried it they will not want to go back to using a single monitor setup. Some of us are lucky enough to have experienced using dual screens but for those who have not yet had the pleasure the iPad will bring that luxury into your own reality. The iPad makes this a reality possible and portable.

2. Use It as Your Amazing New Research Device:
The new iPad takes into consideration a bloggers need for a portable device which can help researching facts and writing easier than having to open multiple tabs and squinting to read what you’ve found. The iPad’s larger screen will make your blogging experience more enjoyable. It’s been said adding the Expose for Mobile Safari will create an easier experience to do research and make blogging more enjoyable. With the ability to copy and paste it will be much easier to transfer your information and to also e-mail information directly to your home computer.

3. Most iPhone and iPod Touch Apps Will Work:
Most of the apps that you can download to your iPhone will also function on the iPad. If you already have the apps downloaded to your iPod touch or iPhone, you will be able to sync them to your iPad with iPad transfer. This will save you money and allow you to utilize the functions of these apps on a larger screen and more powerful computer. Also, If you have your own personal digital video content and want to convert it to iPad format, one of the best choices is iPad Converter. It’s simple to use and best of all.

4. The Applications for the iPad Will Surely Improve:
Although many may continue to complain that the new iPad is not perfect they will enjoy all the awesome apps which will become available for the iPad in the near future. As long as there is a demand for new exciting apps Apple will create them for us. The new portable iPad will indeed make it easier for us all to blog from anywhere; wherever we may find ourselves.